In Concrete floor heating

Heatwell in-concrete floor heating is excellent for new homes or concrete slab overlays. This radiant form of electric heating runs continuously via thermostat control during the cooler months to warm the concrete slab, creating a cosy environment. Please contact us to learn more about our products or services or request a free quote.

Supply and Install

Heatwell uses a heavy-duty electrical heating cable tied to the reinforcing mesh on top of a polystyrene insulation layer before pouring the concrete slab. We use an installation wattage between 100 – 160 watts per m², utilising an automatic programmable thermostat. 

Benefits of In-Concrete Floor Heating

  • Comfortable radiant heat that feels warm but not hot to the touch
  • Energy-efficient compared to forced air systems
  • Silent operation, no drafts or dust circulation
  • Even heat distribution throughout the room
Concrete Floor Heating - Concrete Poured on Rebar and Floor Heating Elements

In-Concrete Floor Heating FAQs

What are the efficiency results when using underfloor heating on concrete floors?

Concrete flooring is highly compatible with underfloor heating, providing efficient heating results for buildings and homes. Heatwell offers professional installation, ensuring safe use.

How long does it take to heat the floor?

Response times for concrete heating vary depending on the system and concrete thickness. Generally, it takes 30-60 minutes.

What is the estimated lifespan of an in-concrete floor heating system?

Well-maintained systems can last up to 50 years or even longer. With in-slab concrete floor heating, regular maintenance is minimal. Flushing the hydronic system periodically (if applicable) and following the manufacturer’s instructions is all you need for a long-lasting system.

Consistent Warmth for Your Home with Heatwell

Choose Heatwell’s in-concrete floor heating for a heating solution that provides consistent warmth and energy efficiency. We can provide your home with a hassle-free heating solution that offers the utmost comfort and efficiency.

Lifetime Guarantee

We provide a lifetime guarantee on all our elements – excluding thermostat(s)

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