Under Carpet Floor Heating

Under carpet heating is an efficient solution for heating the whole room. It is great for asthma and allergy sufferers as it can reduce mildew and condensation, creating a discreet, gentle heat without stuffiness. Quick and easy to install, we can get you under carpet heating for your new or existing homes.

Supply and Install

Heatwell under carpet floor heating is installed at 100 – 150 watts per m² and laid directly to the existing floor surface. We cover the under carpet heating element with a fibreglass mesh and self-levelling screed, leaving a flat surface for your underlay and carpet to be applied.

Heatwell’s under carpet heating allows you the flexibility to lay around furniture and fixtures. It’s excellent for bathrooms, bedrooms, lounges, or large areas like libraries and churches with high ceilings. It’s also well-suited for accommodating unique room shapes and layouts.

Under carpet heating is embedded in a self-levelling cement-based screed, which provides a finish with strength and durability. We prefer this method over other forms of under carpet heating as it is suitable for direct stick carpets, high foot traffic, and heavy furniture.

Be careful with woolen carpets!  Wool is a natural insulator.  Thick woolen carpets will not allow through your floor heating.  Carpet underlay can also we insulated.  Please check with your carpet supplier.  They will know if your carpet choice will work well with underfloor heating.

photo of man laying heating elements on base layer of floor
carpet in a hall with underfloor heating

Under Carpet Heating FAQs

Do under floor heating systems work well with carpets?

Yes. Under floor heating systems work well with carpets, providing efficient and comfortable heating. It is especially helpful during colder months as it reduces the chance for mould and mildew to grow, creating a healthier indoor environment.  As suggested above, the home owner must be careful with wool carpets and insultation underlay.  Sound proof underlay is also likely to be unsuitable.

Is it safe to use carpets with under floor heating?

With expert installation, laying carpet over under floor heating is safe. We prefer to use the cable with a screed underfloor heating method instead of the matt style.  The cable and screed method allows you the freedom to lay furniture and fixtures on top without the worry of crushing electrical cable.  The cable and screed method only increased the floor depth by 5mm.

How quickly can under carpet heating provide warmth?

Under carpet heating is known for its quick heating, with warmth felt in 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the carpet. Again, the material the carpet is made of, the thickness of the carpet, and the underlay used will determine how effective your under carpet heating is.

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