About Heatwell Ltd.

Heatwell Ltd is a leading under floor heating specialist with over 40 years experience in the supply and install of Radiant under tile, under carpet and in-concrete electric heating.

Heatwell is an Auckland based company that provides premium Under floor Heating at a competitive price. Offering a friendly and honest service using our extensive knowledge of design, supply & installation of under floor heating for both residential and commercial situations.

Radiant Heating – How It Works

Radiant heat is based on the same method of the sun heating the earth. Radiant heat energy travels similar to radio waves. When this energy hits a solid object it absorbs the energy and heats that object. This provides a natural form of heat that will not cause a stuffy atmosphere.

Heating all the objects in your room will limit your body’s tendency to give up it’s heat. Once the solid objects in the room are warm the air is then heated and the room will no longer be cold.

Heatwell Ltd.

PO Box 41 072,
Mt Roskill,
Auckland 1440, New Zealand

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Ph: (09) 849 3919
Toll free: 0508 432 893
Mo: 021 926 533

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Lifetime Guarantee

We provide a lifetime guarantee on all our elements – excluding thermostat(s)

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