Under Floor Heating Solutions

Looking for reliable heating without the need for radiators? Our team at Heatwell can provide comfortable and efficient under floor heating solutions for Auckland homes and commercial spaces. Enquire about our options today.


Makes No

No Draught

No Draught Allergies

Dry Healthy

Dry Healthy Spaces

Takes No

Takes No Space


Cost Effective

Embrace Efficiency with Under Floor Heating

Under floor heating is an efficient heating solution that can be operated with either hot water or electrical energy as the thermal medium. This system involves pumping warm water through tubes installed beneath the floor surface, creating a more stable and consistent temperature. If you want to minimise your energy consumption, free up wall space by eliminating radiators, and evenly distribute warmth throughout your space, we have the solution for you.

Under Tile Heating

Under Tile Heating

Warm your feet with unrivalled luxury for chilly bathrooms. This is a cost-effective, energy-efficient, and reliable solution to achieve cosier bathrooms. Enjoy warm tiles all winter long with heat radiating from the ground up.

Under tile heating makes your bathroom inviting, relaxing, and welcoming. Upgrade your home with under tile heating and say goodbye to frigid feet.

simple illustration of a tile
simple illustration of a marble tile
simple illustration of ceramic tile
simple illustration of stone tile
photo showing heating elements before tiles are layed

Under Carpet Heating

photo showing heating elements before the carpet is installed on top

Under Carpet Heating

The ultimate solution for creating a warm and inviting home. Sink into the softness of your carpets while enjoying the comfort of a cosy, relaxing atmosphere. With under carpet heating, you can forget about frigid floors and say hello to pleasing and relaxing comfort.

This cost-effective, energy-efficient, and reliable heating solution provides consistent warmth throughout your home, ensuring that every corner is cosy and welcoming.

simple illustration of new carpet
simple illustration of existing carpet

In Concrete Heating

In Concrete Heating

In-concrete heating warms your home from the ground up, providing consistent warmth. Concrete’s high thermal mass makes it a suitable material for efficient heating.

simple illustration of new home concrete
simple illustration of home extension concrete
simple illustration of coloured concrete
simple illustration of polished concrete
photo of man spreading concrete mix onto floor heating elements

Lifetime Guarantee

We provide a lifetime guarantee on all our elements – excluding thermostat(s)

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